As the Filipino troops retreated into the territory of the Ilocanos, Aglipay stirred the individuals of his own tongue into active revolt. He wielded the mysterious powers of the priesthood with amazing effectiveness. The Ilocanos poured into the mountains to join the revolutionary forces, armed solely with bolos. The Katipunan, which had never before been introduced into the Ilocano country, now turned the bond with which men were tied by horrible oaths to the cause of their country, every man having a tattoo of the triangle and the solar branded on his breast. Aglipay started to make startling forages on the head of these half-armed patriots.

One day all Manila was horrified to hear that seventy of those prisoners had been drowned like rats by the high tide. The story not only gripped the creativeness of the Filipinos of that day nevertheless it has sunken deep into the everlasting reminiscence of this nation, as symbolical of the reign of Spain. The lists of males deported right now contain names of fathers and relations of a very large percentage of the higher people in the Philippines at the moment day. During his administration Blanco deported one thousand and forty-two personsyet he was too inactive for the friars! They wanted these males killed.17 By December ten thousand Spanish reenforcements had arrived.

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They would level out the multitudes of gorgeous things which are being accomplished by churches which outsiders wouldn’t do. Who save Christians would go to Bilibid each Sunday afternoon to carry a message of hope to the prisoners and point them to God, as a band of Young Men’s Christian Association lads are doing? Who save a Christian would go to the Deaf and Blind School to teach them stories about Jesus and to play and sing hymns for them, as Miss Carmen Canunan did for so lengthy? The Church is aiding the sick, the imprisoned, the hungry, the bare every single day, however it’s not blowing a trumpet, nor even letting its right hand know what its left hand doeth. The Church may plead responsible to an absence of scientific method in much that it does, but it stands incomparably larger than all other establishments put together, not maybe within the quantity it offers away, however in what’s extra essential than presents, the love it offers with them.

In I905 the Methodists erected a “Central Church” for Americans. On October I I, I914, these two congregations merged into one, taking over the Presbyterian church constructing. 190 THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES UNITED BRETHREN Rev. E. S. Eby and Rev. Sanford B. Kurtz sailed into Manila Bay on April I, I9OI, and Rev. L. O. Burtner followed a couple of months later. Because the United Brethren is a small communion, the Evangelical Union gave it a somewhat restricted territory in Northwestern Luzon, the place Ilocano is spoken.

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The coaching wouldn’t be complete without the sphere work. GIRLS’ BIBLE SCHOOLS 345 Miss M. M. Crabtree, who until her current death, was an instructor in the college, has written an outline of the student life with a vividness and sympathy which would be troublesome to surpass. We permit her to usher us for a time into the Life at Harris Memorial. The massive gong down within the entrance hall booms out at 5-thirty within the morning. Some Filipino girls have just as a lot bother getting their eyes open as American girls do, but breakfast is at six o’clock, so there’s not much time for stretching and yawning.

There is not any purpose why the new Philippine National Church ought to be any more like American Protestant or Catholic church buildings than Filipinos are like Americans. A creed or authorities may fit the needs of Americans, and yet be a complete misfit within the Philippines. The acid take a look at of actual trial will prove what is valuable and what is valueless for this nation. There is, indeed, not a single question relating to the church which should not be re-examined by the Filipinos. The questions of ethics should bear the white mild of examination. The question of church group, whether or not it shall be episcopate or congregational or some entirely new form of government have to be worked out by Filipinos for Filipinos. So should the question of prayers, of songs, of sermonizing, of liturgy, all be reexamined.

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Their pretext This is a standard apply yet in some components of the Islands. THE SPANISH REGIME 95 of churches in Mindanao, have been placated by being given significantly better parishes in Cavite. The Filipino monks who had occupied the Cavite parishes were neither consulted nor placated. The Filipino clergymen had at all times claimed that according to the Treaty of Trent no member of an order had a right are speaking to behave in a locSlt church as parish priest. The friars, while admitting this to be true technically, had always claimed that there were not enough competent Filipino secular clergymen for the churches, and that the friars were forced to assist out. Intense indignation swept over the Islands and Filipino clergymen and laymen muttered under their breath what they dared not say aloud.

38 THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES communication with the useless through mediums was common. The spirit world was additionally imagined to be inhabited by untold multitudes of different malign and benevolent spirits. The unseen world was a more vivid and ever-current actuality to these primitive folks than it is to the common civilized man. That this perception was a powerful restraining influence, holding individuals up to the ethical standards of their tribes, is the outstanding impression with which one turns away from the examine of those tribes. The drunkenness, vice, theft, and quarreling which outcome when the Bagobos, for instance, lose faith of their animistic gods, clearly indicate that the destruction of a faith is a perilous thing until it is changed immediately by one other equally good or higher. It now seems clear that Lumawig was certainly one of their nice heroes. The Naboloi word kabunian is used to specific the idea of a supreme being, however the thought seems to have been borrowed from the Christian Filipinos.

Brother Apolinario escaped however was captured, shot, and quartered. His head was hung in a cage on the entrance to the city of Lukban on the Majayjay highway.2′ During the course of this new movement there were probably extravagances such as normally seem ” Austin Craig, “Forty Famous Filipinos,” p. 33. 86 THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES Sometimes the state is mistaken, sometimes it’s proper; but, proper or incorrect, the state at all times loses, learns a horrible lesson, and eventually submits to the yoke as soon as more.

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When Aglipay contends for the authorized proper of the United States to personal the church buildings he fails to take into consideration that Article VIII of the Treaty of Paris expressly exempted ecclesiastical property from the purchase made by the United States. The court of First Instance in I904 determined that,the church buildings belonged to Rome.l2 The Filipinos appealed to the Supreme Court, which sustained the previous choice.

Fully half the gross revenue of the Naboloi is spent on their feasts and dances. One dance, ceremony must suffice for instance this most interesting 0 “The Igorrote Religion,” by Rev. Rene Michielsons, B. F. M., in Annals for Propagation of the Faith, I92I, p. 24, ff. 24 THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES I. Negritos, belonging to the negroid race, with kinky hair and black skins.

“On my arrival in Manila in I899, I discovered Mr. Randall, a sub-agent of the British and Foreign Bible Society, who was an excellent assist. He launched me to Sr. Poblete, who in flip introduced me to Sr. Zamora, and two openings have been prepared inside forty-eight hours of my arrival.” He discovered himself in the midst of a thrilling work almost before he may get unpacked. THE IGLESIA FILIPINA INDEPENDIENTE 149 is a distinction between legislation and fairness.

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